HY-15 Vegetable Centrifuge Machine

Dimension                        : 780x740x1150 mm
Capacity                           : 10 – 12 Kg/time
Power (380v/3Ph)          : 2 HP

  • All frames are made of SUS304.
  • There are 10 pcs of spring support the rotating drum. Avoid vibration.
  • There is timer on the control box (max. 10min). User can easy to operate.
  • Speed control of rotating drum by inverter. Range from 200-860 rpm.
  • Limit switch on the top cover. It will stop running when open
    the lip cover.
  • The total weight of HY-15 is about 300kg. It has very stable base frame.
  • One control box beside of centrifuge. Easy to wash main frame.
  • Normal attached 4pcs of plastic basket with one machine.
  • Basket size: inside φ500 x φ410×340(H) (m).
  • Suitable for leaf vegetable. (after cutting and after washing)

HY-06 Vegetable Centrifuge

Dimension                    : 960x685x1000 mm
Capacity                        : 4 – 5 kgs/time
Power (220v/1Ph)       : 1 HP
Weight                           : 150 kgs


  • This machine is suitable for leek, cabbage, all leaf vegetable than easy take out the water from surface.
  • All frame of machine is made of SUS304 and sandblasted treatment.
  • 1HP motor (SIEMENS).
  • 1HP inverter for speed control (TOSHIBA).
  • Time setting range 10~90sec.
  • Stop time very short inside 5sec.
  • Elecbox with one key more safety.
  • Main power switch and emergency button and LED light signal during operate.
  • Polypropylene Blasket size : 410x350x350 (H).
  • Apply another plastic #12mesh for special fine vegetable.

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